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Make Your Home Stand Out With These Unique Color Schemes

Photo Of Colorful Houses In New Orleans - MLM IncorporatedThere’s no better way to make a home stand out than by using bold colors for exterior paint. Unique paint colors catch the eye, drawing attention to the most unique homes on the block. And in New Orleans, the homes are as uniquely colored as the history of the city itself. Consider these color schemes, each used on a different New Orleans historic home, as inspiration for your next house painting venture!

Color Scheme: Yellow, White, and Red

Inspired by a New Orleans home in the Broadmoor neighborhood, house painters can use bright yellow to create an attention-grabbing home. Fire engine red accents add warmth, while white paint on shutters, window trim, and railings tames the bright colors. In the case of this New Orleans home, house painters made the home look more regal by painting columns and front porch railings white. This color scheme boldly combines complementary colors that aren’t often seen together on homes.

Color Scheme: Light Blue, Brown, Orange, and White

As usual as it sounds, this color scheme creates a beautiful exterior that stands out without drawing too much attention to the home. Inspired by a New Orleans home in Bayou St. John, the cool light blue exterior is balanced by brown, orange, and white accents, giving the home a natural look with old world charm. This color scheme is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a crisp look without going too bold.

Color Scheme: Rose, Hunter Green, and Butterscotch

There are a few homes that come to mind that ooze New Orleans style, and one of them is a dusty rose colored, single story home with a large front porch in the Mid-City area. Another unique color combination, rose is used as the main color, while the accents are hunter green and butterscotch. On this particular home, butterscotch emphasizes a gorgeous front porch, while the shutters and porch flooring are painted green to balance the two brighter colors.

New Orleans’ beautiful homes serve as inspiration for homeowners across the country looking to take a style risk when house painting or renovating. Still need inspiration? Check out our Residential Gallery for additional design ideas!​

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