Real Estate Development in New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, North Shore, LA

At MLM Incorporated, our team of designers and engineers are visionaries. Our commercial buildings and home renovations represent innovation at its finest.

#1 Rated Contractor Services

MLM Incorporated is one of Louisiana’s prime real estate and commercial property developers and renovators. Our designs have made us the number one rated business and residential contractors in New Orleans. In 2012, we were awarded the Sonata Award for our state-of-the-art design kitchen designs, which also earned us a feature in the coveted “Our Louisiana” magazine.

Our continued success and superior customer service have earned us an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also active in the Home Builder’s Association of Metro New Orleans.

Detail-Oriented, High-Quality Work

Construction from the ground-up should always be precise. MLM Incorporated prides itself on carefully choosing our subcontractors for our extended construction projects. Our selection process ensures that we choose contractors who are fully licensed, pay close attention to detail, and can produce high-quality work.

Professional Guidance Every Step of the Way

At MLM Incorporated, every designer and contractor that you work with will help you navigate the new construction process. The first step is giving you a floor plan or working directly with an architect to formulate a design. Second, our team will go over budget and scheduling to guarantee that our contractors remain efficient, and your project has an actual timeframe. Lastly, we meet our clients’ high expectations by inspecting the building process from start to finish.

In-House Pre-Development Services

A part of our development process is having most of the work performed in-house. The pre-development stages, which include steps such as project design, property management, broker services, and general contracting, can take place in our office. We also offer real estate services which remove the red tape and allow the team you’re working with to focus solely on your project.

Dedication to Project Efficiency

The primary goal of MLM Incorporated’s development model is to maintain project efficiency. We accomplish this by increasing product quality, performing thorough onsite inspections, and reducing material waste. As a result, our development model allows us to lower administrative and overhead costs and offers flexibility to make your project a success.

Whether we are restoring a home or building an office space, the award-winning creations from MLM Incorporated will fulfill your new build design dreams.

Our Services

Pre-Development Stages

 MLM is able to perfectthe development process by performing many of its steps in-house. This includes pre-development stages, such as project design, build, general contracting, property management, and broker services. As a result, MLM has the ability to control nearly every aspect of each project.

Development Model

MLM’s development model significantly improves project efficiency, increases product quality, and reduces material waste. Furthermore, it substantially increases project flexibility and lowers administrative and overhead costs.

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